Contributions 4/12-4/19

  • Made my scheduled tweets
  • Made Google Document for my team
  • Developed the research we could as of now for the final report (Team 3)

Contributions 4/5-4/12

  • Got Jennifer Follis to promote the page to her Journalism classes
  • Put up a few more flyers
  • Made my scheduled tweets
  • Did the excel sheet rating the various tweets
  • Began with my group to draft a report regarding our final goal and reports on how we’ve done so far

Activities 3/29-4/5

  • Emailed Jennifer Follis about possibility of posting on her compass page about our platform and making an in class announcement (awaiting response)
  • I made a qualtrics survey to test certain tweets and see how people feel about them. Here is the link:
  • Checked the Facebook page’s activity. While the page visits went down. The reach and number engaged increased by over 250% and we got 20 more likes.
  • Here were my tweets for this week:
  • Final goal ideas
    • For our ultimate goal at the end of the semester, I feel as if our main issue is that some people do not do their tweets and the pages aren’t as popular as expected. While it takes time for social medias to pick up and it has been over the weeks, we do need to reach more. We should push more announcements rather than just posters.
    • People should try to get their certain RSOs to follow us to get numbers up and help our interactions
  • Techniques to better
    • Photoshop
    • HTML

Reports 3/15-3/29

Made my tweets when assigned. Here they are:


Messaged the Daily Illini twitter feed asking for a shoutout to gain more followers

Got a like from the University of Illinois twitter page after tweeting at them for recognition

Placed more flyers around campus

Emailed Terry Cole regarding sending out a mass email or other people to talk to in order to spread the word and get more recognition and followers for our account

Week of March 8th Contributions

Tweeted at UI twitter page asking for retweet/shoutout (they liked the tweet much to my surprise, not sure if they’ve done anything after)

Thinking that a good way to get more recognition for our pages would be to get shoutouts or retweets from bigger pages like done above in order to get some base for more followers and such.

Left flyers at various places around campus (English Building basement, Foellinger, Greg Hall library, ect.)

Stayed on top of various tweets I was scheduled for. They come as followed:


Contributions (3/1/16)

  • Made the schedule for the Active team
  • Made posts on Tuesday and Thursday, then one on Sunday
  • Made original flyers as test (weren’t selected)
  • Made a specific slogan (Hear the Noise) for my groups flyers
  • Hung up flyers in campus buildings
  • E-mailed Jessica Hogue regarding advertising The ‘Nois (she said no)
  • Made gifs and photoshop for some of my tweets
  • Attempted to get into contact with UI Twitter
  • My tweets were:

My Active Tweets



2-11-2016 tweets

  • Now!(headlines, breaking news, crime)

Presidential speech given to save Springfield. What is being saved though?

  • Enjoy!(arts, entertainment, travel, fashion, leisure)

Woodstock fans may be getting a chance to relive the glory days. See what is in store for them.

  • Active!(fitness, sports, health, nutrition)

Preseason NCAA rankings out for Illini baseball. See where the BIG10 Champions fall this season.

  • Connect!(careers, classes)

Startup fair for Engineering majors underway at UIUC. Check out which companies are attending.

  • Believe!(faith, service)

Islamic leader uses sexual orientation to teach balance between religion and sexuality.

  • Diverse!(gender, minorities, ethnicities)

Black History Month plans in full effect for UIS students. See what they have in store.

  • Belong!(family, Illini legacy)

UIUC alum takes honors with revolutionary invention at InnovateHER competition.

  • Discuss!(politics, issues)

Divisive politics becomes an issue Obama found needed to be addressed the other day. See why.

Test Driving Our Persona Example Tweets

  • i-Arts (fine arts)
    • If you are interested in performing arts or other concerts, make sure to check out the Krannert Center for various shows coming soon!
    • Wonder if one of your favorite artists is coming to town? Check out the Canopy Club for upcoming shows for each semester!
    • Ever want to expand your art interests that you had in high school? Check out UIUC’s School of Art and Design for possible major options.
    • See some of the possession of musical legend Kurt Cobain at KM Fine Arts in Los Angeles starting in February
    • Interested in art galleries in NYC? David Ebony has some of the best shows and their details lined up, such as Tauba Auerbach.
    • Olafur Eliasson, a conceptual artist, was recently named the guest for the Palace of Versailles this upcoming summer.
    • After an 8 million dollar investment that turned out to be fake, Domenico de Sole recently took to court to fight back.
    • The Art Gallery of Ontario recently found its new head with the leadership of Stephan Jost.
    • Love watching movies and talking about them? Check out the various Media and Cinema Studies courses offered at UIUC.
    • The Spurlock Museum at UIUC offers students to examine various sculptures and artifacts from many years ago involving things such as Greek mythology, plus it is free!
  • i-Believe (faith)
    • Check out the various religious studies courses offered at UIUC on the campus website!
    • Want to practice your faith down at school still? The University of Illinois offers numerous houses of worship for just about every religion out there.
    • The Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque will be getting a brand new visitor, President Barack Obama, in the upcoming week.
    • The world of Netflix is now becoming different with the addition of various televangelist shows now available.
    • The Pope visiting the United States was a huge deal, but not as much as the car he was in, which was sold for over $80,000 recently.
    • During a recent GOP debate, religion was one of the heated topics of discussion.
    • The spreading of pop sensation David Bowie’s ashes recently took place in a Buddhist ritual on Sunday evening.
    • Various families in France had their final prayers at a refugee church before those churches were finally torn down.
    • GOP candidate Ted Cruz recently professed his faith and discussed his preaching about God’s work.
    • Jewish Americans are celebrating due to the expansion of the Western Wall, which could lead to better Israeli recognition.
  • i-Enjoy (entertainment)
    • Check out one of campus’s most popular bars, Joe’s Brewery, on Monday night for their weekly “Monday Night Joe’s” deals!
    • Make sure to make a venture out to KAM’s this weekend to enjoy the oldest campus bar and their famous “Blue Guys”
    • Make sure to check out the Oscar Awards in the upcoming days in order to see this year’s big winners.
    • High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens still planning on performing in “Grease: LIVE!” regardless of father’s recent death.
    • Carly Rae Jespen recently was given the original Frenchy locket from Grease by star Didi Conn herself.
    • On January 31, big winners such as Leonardi DiCaprio took awards from the annual SAG Awards.
    • Check out this gallery of pictures from this Sunday’s SAG awards to see how your favorite stars looked on their big night.
    • Acting and recording sensation Justin Timberlake recently turned 35. See this article for all his achievements he has at such a young age.
    • Wiz Khalifa has taken stabs at Kanye West by playing his wife’s sex tape at a recent concert.
    • Stars from the hit film “Straight Outta Compton” speak about their Oscar snubs and how their work should have been recognized more.
  • i-Family
    • Check out the UIUC Ice Arena for upcoming games to take the family to.
    • The Illini basketball team is in full swing with their many games coming up in the upcoming days.
    • Planning for UIUC’s Mother’s Day weekend is starting to go into full effect for this upcoming April’s festivities.
    • Post-Bronx shooting leaves family thriving for justice for their fallen loved one.
    • Gathering in Circus Maximus results in protest bill which would allow homosexual couples to adopt children
    • Family left in shambles after a family friend ends up taking the life on a young and prospering lawyer.
    • Late David Bowie leaves glorious $100 million estate to his family.
    • Answers still being searched for even four years after police officer gunned down Ramarley Graham in his own home
    • Prayers still being searched for by Harris family regarding missing family member Jessica.
    • Suspicions arise regarding GOP candidate Ted Cruz after family says that they find him “creepy”
  • i-Fit (sports, health, etc.)
    • Pacific all star captain John Scott was recently named All-Star Game MVP after his team’s 1-0 victory on Sunday.
    • The NFL will be hosting its 35th Pro Bowl in Honolulu to admire those players that have excelled this season.
    • Tune in February 7th to watch Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos square off against MVP front runner Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl.
    • Illini basketball just barely lost a thriller to powerhouse Ohio State in a recent basketball outing in Champaign.
    • NFL star Calvin Johnson recently spoke to Lions saying he plans to retire despite his young age and great success.
    • Allegations of unacknowledged sexual assault scandals arise on Baylor University campus.
    • Quarterback Johnny Manziel found in legal issues again following a possible assault scandal on Saturday.
    • As of Monday, the Phoenix Suns have fired head coach Jeff Hornacek despite the season being in full swing.
    • Michael Oher, the player with the inspirational journey to the NFL popularized by the movie The Blind Side, finds himself in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday.
    • Novak Djokovic embarrasses Andy Murray for his six Aussie crown in his entire career.
  • i-Grind (studying, careers, etc.)
    • Check out the University of Illinois website for the various majors that are offered here on campus for students.
    • High school seniors soon to find out their fate regarding the acceptance into the University of Illinois.
    • I-link is a popular website used by the University of Illinois in order to advertise to students which internships and jobs are available for each semester or summer.
    • New article by “The Guardian” explains the benefits of not attending a university and just working instead
    • New website explores a person’s career interests and helps them narrow down various possibilities
    • New networking and strategy helps graduates find jobs that they could keep until their 60s.
    • Things such as procrastination or distractions are some of the few poor habits that students are looking to resolve in 2016
    • New study shows that workout partners strive people to excel more than working out solo
    • Workout classes and good eating habits are some of the things that helped regular woman lose 170 pounds
    • New study shows that sleep habits affect grades much more than students may think
  • i-Headlines (“if it bleeds it leads”)
    • Iowa leads the charge of all the states as they cast the first ballot for the presidential election
    • Questions arise regarding support for Trump as rally has numerous empty seats with no obvious reasoning
    • Talk begins regarding Oakland Raiders and possible move to Las Vegas instead of Los Angeles
    • Trail begins for popular Canadian radio host regarding sexual assault charges against him
    • Outbreak of new Zika Virus given the title of global health emergency
    • Syria continues to make more advances regardless of new attacks on their homefront
    • Hunting of elephants in Tanzania not the only issue after pilot is shot dead by poachers
    • Kabul Police Station is the site of a recent bombing which led to the deaths of at least 20
    • French seek assistance from the United States in relation to aid in lifting the Cuban economic embargo
    • Technological advances continue with government technology now able to track various suspects in crime
    • Raid in Nigeria ends in the deaths of at least one hundred people on Sunday evening
  • i-Legacy (traditions, alumni, etc.)
    • Check out the various Unofficial clothing out for sale today!
    • Start planning your hotel rooms for March due to the upcoming and famous celebration known as Unofficial down at UIUC.
    • Traditional Super Bowl parties begin to be planned with new tasty dishes available for party planners
    • Valentine’s Day barcrawls are starting to approach UIUC students next week
    • Florida Marlins dip into alumni to hold a brand new home run derby featuring past players
    • Boston Bruins annual alumni game at Saint Anselm College raises money for good causes
    • Various alumnus of NYU thrived at the recent Sundance Film Festival by taking home numerous honors
    • Famous team Hickory Hoosiers are offering to sell merchandise from the classic team
    • Last week, Utah State University celebrated its annual “Traditions Week”
    • Annual Groundhog Day approaches this upcoming week to determine the fate of winter
  • i-OfColor (racial and ethnic minorities)
    • Check out the various racial fraternities on campus during the upcoming rush events.
    • Persecution of small religious denominations start to describe protests against them as “genocide”
    • Minorities thriving in the profession of lawmakers with up to 14% being minorities
    • Central Minnesota citizens begin development behind new program to voice minorities
    • Iowa’s Democratic vote could see a huge swing due to the support of the minority community
    • Discriminations in the job market become more evident for minorities in the UK
    • Chicago police officer seems to be popular job for minorities with record number of minority applications
    • Investing in Israeli minority communities finally granted
    • Double standards being called regarding minority actors being cast as roles previously played by Caucasians
    • Courting for racial and religious minorities becomes one of Hilary Clinton’s major strategies to win Iowa caucus
  • i-Serve (service to the community)
    • NFL begins to decide which player earns rights to Byron White Award
    • Encouragement for community service is directed to lawmakers
    • UIUC offers many service opportunities around campus. Make sure to ask your counselor how to give back
    • Instead of jail time, judge delivers mercy to Melissa Click by giving community service
    • Former NFL player Joe Walter given community service as punishment
    • NFL’s Delanie Walker admired for his community service efforts this past season
    • Michigan group decides to collect water bottles in order to donate to less fortunate
    • Super Bowl organizes donation event for charity due to the popularity of the event and success in the past
    • Marshall University’s service fraternity planning biggest event of the entire calendar year
    • Kalamazoo College athletic program recently recognized for their service this passed season
  • i-Travel (international students, student travels)
    • Many UIUC students recently left this semester to study abroad in countries all of the world!
    • Check out the UIUC study abroad page for various information regarding the future programs for studying abroad.
    • Many students are planning travel options for their spring break trips, whether it be flying or driving.
    • Want to see the 50 states? Check out these various wonders you can find in every state in America
    • Travel organizations starting seek Congress investigation regarding various aspects of airline competition
    • Cruises are starting to investigate passengers as concern rises regarding new Zika virus
    • Recent report shows that Android users travel usually 40% less than iPhone users
    • Travel might begin to be halted or investigated more clearly due to concerns about the new Zika virus
    • As smart cities become more popular, so do the number of people interested in traveling to them
    • Renting private, luxury islands finally becomes affordable for less than $100,000
  • i-Women
    • Zika virus finds home in nearly 2,100 pregnant women in the United States due to mosquito bites
    • NCAA women’s basketball tournament has officially announced the number one seeds for their championship tournament
    • Hilary Clinton’s women population vote is starting to be in question during recent GOP debate
    • Worker at his local women penitentiary accused of “patronizing a prostitute” the other day
    • Young women continue to dominate movie awards with Lupita Nyong’o taking home numerous honors
    • Objections occur as women in beer commercials find that the companies are using them as objects to make sales
    • Christina Aguilera’s Women’s Magazine issue results in her cover and honors mothers everywhere
    • Syrian refugee houses are slowly becoming more and more headed women each year
    • Rallies at the University of Alabama took place regarding attacks on numerous black women
    • Attracting women voters seem to be Trump’s Achilles’ heel in the upcoming election
  • i-Wonks (politics)
    • Recent GOP debates including celebrity Donald Trump are becoming more heated due to the upcoming election.
    • First wave of caucuses come in as Iowa sends in for Presidential race
    • Solitary confinement no longer a possible threat for juveniles
    • Life sentences for juveniles are now constantly given a review to determine if necessary
    • Planned Parenthood in Texas is cleared of charges while accusers are indicted
    • After large heroine spike, Tom Vilsack was given duty to address the issue from the president
    • Constant gun issue in U.S. addressed by Obama in press conference
    • ISIS now has competitor as biggest threat with al-Nursa on the rise
    • Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq that killed numerous civilians were taken responsible by the United States
    • Permission to pursue ISIS in Afghanistan was finally given to the United States military