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#DiscussNois 5 predictions for the NY primary

#DiscussNois Trump and the Clintons: Does he love them or hate them?

#DiscussNois How to win NY

#DiscussNois Obama: This election is dysfunctional

#DiscussNois 5 things to know from the NY primary

#DiscussNois Trump and Clinton lead in CT

#DiscussNois Where does Sanders go after his loss?

#DiscussNois Youth votes for Trump historically low

#DiscussNois Cruz and Kasich unite forces to stop Trump

#DiscussNois Obama send 250 special forces to Syria

#DiscussNois What to watch for on #SuperTuesday

#DiscussNois Warren for Sanders’ VP?

#DiscussNois Trump, Clinton looking for #SuperTuesday wins


Activities April 19

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#DiscussNois 5 predictions for the NY primary

#DiscussNois Trump and the Clintons: Does he love them or hate them?

#DiscussNois How to win NY

#DiscussNois Obama: This election is dysfunctional

#DiscussNois Cruz wins Wyoming

#DiscussNois Did you see Sanders introduce Run the Jewels at Coachella?

#DiscussNois Watch Clinton dance while on campaign trail

#DiscussNois Clinton’s fundraising: Sanders supporters shower her with dollar bills

#DiscussNois Is Sanders’ average donation really $27?

#DiscussNois Mothers who lost their children to police abuse or gun violence rally around Clinton

#DiscussNois Who is Trump blaming now for his loses?

#DiscussNois There won’t be a White House in the future for Paul Ryan

#DiscussNois Cruz’s go fund me


Activities April 5-12

Met with teacher to discuss interceder reliability

Rated tweets


#DiscussNois Cruz: Kasich’s the biggest boon for Trump

#DiscussNois Trump recruits wife to get women’s votes

#DiscussNois Clinton’s anger comes out as she moves more left

#DiscussNois Alabama to impeach governor

#DiscussNois Clinton: The only way for Sanders to win is to, “overturn the will of voters”

#DiscussNois What you missed from the Wisconsin primary

#DiscussNois Clinton is not sure that Sanders is even a Democrat

#DiscussNois Clinton: women who oppose abortion are still feminists

#DiscussNois How Trump will build the wall

#DiscussNois Mexican President on Trump: “That’s how Mussolini got in, that’s how Hitler got in.”

#DiscussNois Trump’s children aren’t registered to vote

#DiscussNois Trump on CIA Chief’s waterboarding stance: his comments are ridiculous

#DiscussNois Is Trump’s internal campaign reminiscent of the Hunger Games?

#DiscussNois Trump and Clinton are leading in PA and NY

#DiscussNois Could North Korea be planning an attack against the US?

#DiscussNois Trump’s marriage advice


Activities April 5


#DiscussNois Cruz: Kasich’s the biggest boon for Trump

#DiscussNois Trump recruits wife to get women’s votes

#DiscussNois Clinton’s anger comes out as she moves more left

#DiscussNois Alabama to impeach governor

#DiscussNois Clinton: The only way for Sanders to win is to, “overturn the will of voters”

#DiscussNois Batman vs Superman: Whose side is Rahm Emanuel on?

#DiscussNois Who will the remaining delegates go to?


#DiscussNois Bernie attacks Hillary: “Let the voters decide”


#DiscussNois Trump: Japan should arm themselves against North Korea


#DiscussNois Trump: U.S. Debt will be gone by 2nd term

#DiscussNois 6 highlights from the GOP town hall

#DiscussNois Trump campaign manager charged with battery

#DiscussNois Incurably ill mother thanks Trump for son’s college tuition

#DiscussNois The GOP town hall in 90 seconds

#DiscussNois Best quotes from GOP town hall

#DiscussNois GOP Town Hall: What to watch for

#DiscussNois Armed man shot at Capitol

#DiscussNois NC Gov sued over law banning transgenders from using bathroom of their choice

#DiscussNois WI former Gov: If you vote for Cruz or Trump you vote for Clinton

#DiscussNois What the women of the GOP have to say

#DiscussNois Ivanka Trump welcomes third child

#DiscussNois What you missed this weekend

#DiscussNois Stopping Trump: What Cruz and Kasich need to do

#DiscussNois Sanders: ISIS is, “on the defense. They are retreating.”

#DiscussNois GA Gov will veto bill allowing faith organizations to deny service to LGBT



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Belong: U of I grads Marissa Siebel-Siero and Scott Daigle are wheeling up to the top 10 of InnovateHER competition.

Now: Mystery fire rages through trash can.

Entertainment: More than just a laugh… Coen brothers new film digs deep?

Active: From the State Farm Center to Madison Square Garden U of I basketball player Dave Downey reflects on his basketball career.

Active: Illini Basketball dreams of what could have been as Indiana’s Buss creams then on the court.

Discuss: Obama to the rescue: President speaks to divided Springfield.

Now: Pay up: former official sentenced to pay back stolen $100,000.

Active: Illini and Wildcats hash out rivalry on basketball court.

Diverse: Why state rape center is losing its funding.

Connect: Is the end of state schools coming? Illinois state schools look into their future.



  1. National Medal of Art recipient Ping Chong’s new dance piece, “Baldwin/NOW,” premiered this weekend at the University of Illinois.
  2. Champaign-Urbana orchestra performs conductor’s long lost classmate’s House of Cards composition.
  3. The classic Russian ballet, Swan Lake, will be showcased by Krannert Center this spring at the Tryon Festival Theater.
  4. Justin Peck’s newest work for the New York Ballet, “The Most Incredible Thing,” will tell the story of a princess, kingdom and a competition for her hand.
  5. “The Swan Queen,” ballet performed by South African Ms. Masilo will debut in New York’s Joyce Theater.
  6. Donald Trump is asked to stop playing Adele songs at his rallies after she states herself as a, “Labor girl through and through.”
  7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art attempts to modernize its collection by introducing, “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible.”
  8. Jean Epstein’s book of film reviews is praised as highly as his own films as essential in French cinema.
  9. 77 year-old saxophonist, Charles Lloyd is not only still playing but also writing and producing new music.
  10. Theater fans are faced with difficulty in finding reasonably priced tickets.


  1. In an attempt to be more inclusive, a grammar school in St. Paul, Minnesota has decided to ban Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.
  2. Pope Francis will appear in the children’s film, “Beyond the Sun,” after asking filmmakers to make a movie based on Jesus’ teachings.
  3. Passionist nuns reveal that the Eucharist is made according to Latin church rules, which includes unleavened bread.
  4. US Bishops ask Catholics to make a pilgrimage, not by traveling, but by digitally promoting the protecting of all life.
  5. Manhattan’s 130 year-old Jewish seminary plans to keep its history safe through renovations.
  6. American Jews from both sides of the political spectrum praise the decision to create a universal holy place at the Western Wall.
  7. Jewish Celebrities decide which side of the Democratic party they are supporting.
  8. A mosque is Israel is destroyed by Israeli military, siting it had been built without a permit.
  9. A newly elected Muslim member of Thailand’s Human Rights committee takes a stand against, “forced disappearances.”
  10. The Catholic church asks all the pray for children’s lives, those unborn and alive.


  1. Grease-Live showed audiences a cinematic approach to live theater that raised ratings.
  2. Throughout the month of February, Netflix will be making titles such as, “Fuller House,” and “Charlie’s Angels” available.
  3. Hip hop group, Mother Nature, reveals their driving force in making music is their hope to see social change.
  4. Despite music streaming services praise of Rihanna’s new album, “Anti,” the work is falling on the Billboard Music charts.
  5. Netflix announces the renewal of “Jessica Jones,” as well as premiere dates for new and returning shows such as, “Flaked,” and “The Ranch.”
  6. ESPN and FX’s special, “American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson,” will attempt to tell a different aspect to the trial and give culture context.
  7. Monty Python’s John Cleese claims political correctness ruins comedy and leads to an expressionless society.
  8. Teresa Giudice’s book on life in prison will tell everything from strip searches to uncleanly showers.
  9. “Spotlight” ensemble, including Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo and Michael KEaton, takes home the Outstanding Ensemble award at the SAG awards.
  10. In the new, “Kung Fu Panda 3” Po finds his father.


  1. Children ditch their traditional birthday celebrations in exchange for, “paying it forward” projects.
  2. Adoptive parents attempt to find a balance between their children’s “Americanization,” and keeping rooted to their background.
  3. Mothers discuss the hardships of children growing up in a culture that their clothes matter.
  4. The new “S.T.E.P.” process gives new step parents and families a guide to blending a new family.
  5. A new experiment attempts to track the average number of steps taken each day by parents.
  6. A new campaign attempts to end gender stereotypes for children.
  7. Companies see an increase in in-job child care for employees.
  8. An awoken baby brings parent’s attention to carbon monoxide leak in house.
  9. A new children’s book centering on Donald Trump and his hair, may be a better fit for parents than kids.
  10. Experienced moms highlight the ups and downs of their first and last pregnancies.


  1. Poor shooting from the Illinois Men’s basketball team results in the 63-55 loss against Wisconsin.
  2. Illinois Women’s basketball is set to challenge a worthy opponent, Ohio State, ranked in the top five in the big ten.
  3. On National Signing Day Illinois football gained three new recruits.
  4. Illinois men’s tennis has won four out of five tournaments and has three members as part of the Big Ten All Conference Team.
  5. A new study finds that caffeine may not have as close of a relationship as expected to irregular heartbeats.
  6. Although the Center for Disease Control has yet to find the source of Chipotle’s e.coli breakout, it claims the sickness is resolved at the restaurant.
  7. Illinois men’s hockey recently beat Lindenwood in their best game of the season.
  8. A few weeks ago Illinois wrestler, Isaiah Martinez lost his chance of becoming the second ever NCAA Division 1 wrestler to win for four straight years.
  9. Illinois basketball tries to forget their rough season and move on to win.
  10. Michael Finke is added to the Illinois basketball injured players, leaving Maverick Morgan as the last man standing.


  1. Cozad New Venture Competition opens on campus, giving entrepreneurs and inventors a chance at $160,000.
  2. Majors other than engineering and business will still give you a shot at a good job.
  3. An often overlooked part of an interview is sometimes the most crucial: the outfit choice.
  4. Following up on job interviews could mean the difference in getting the job or not.
  5. According to studies, finding a job provides even more of a challenge for minorities.
  6. Recent grads develop the app, Move, that gives users ideas of events happening around them.
  7. Although prices are down and incomes are up, Americans still aren’t spending money, that could ultimately lead to another crash.
  8. Yahoo plans to layoff 15% of their company.
  9. Although gender pay gaps are shrinking, “pink taxes” still weigh down women.
  10. Medical tech firms combine to expand expertise.


  1. A campus fire forced student, “Troy Krafthefer,” to jump out of his window with a sprained ankle.
  2. Missouri State football player, Nicholas Turner, is found dead in dorm room.
  3. Two Virginia Tech students are charged with the murder of a 13 year-old girl.
  4. A series of delivery services being robbed has Danville police puzzled.
  5. Police reopen I-57 after an engulfed semi-truck.
  6. San Francisco is the next city police department to come under fire for racial disparity among arrests.
  7. Families still wait for closure on police killings.
  8. A sleeping man who was saved from a burning car by Chicago police is extremely grateful to the officers who saved his life.
  9. Lt. General Sean MacFarland claims carpet bombing ISIS is “un-American.”
  10. According to new numbers almost all crime is down in Gary, Indiana, except for murder.


  1. Illini remember basketball player Matt Heldman before every game, 17 years after his tragic death at 23.
  2. Recent grads develop the app, Move, that gives users ideas of events happening around them.
  3. The Illini Union hotel celebrates its 74th year of business and recognizes its historical significance.
  4. More and more students are choosing an alternative spring break, otherwise known as a service trip for environmental and social justice issues.
  5. Students celebrate their beloved campus pet, the squirrel, on National Squirrel Appreciation Day.
  6. Studies find that the “hookup culture” seen on campuses is a myth.
  7. The independent school newspaper, The Daily Illini moves to print twice a week.
  8. University police report an assault near sixth street this Saturday, which has yet to be resolved.
  9. The University has now started to offer classes during winter breaks for those who wish to continue with their school work.
  10. Professor Eric Snodgrass claims he never wanted to be a teacher, but is not the thing he enjoys the most.


  1. On February 19th, Opal Tometi, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement, is set to visit campus.
  2. Black voters in Iowa are largely undecided and unenthusiastic about presidential candidates.
  3. A new sect of the Black Lives Matter movement run by students seeks to fill the economic gap.
  4. Black lives throughout history which have largely been ignored are now being brought to light.
  5. Three black students were attacked by white men on the State University of New York campus.
  6. Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress calls Trump the representation of popular racism.
  7. Police shooting in Chicago and now Cleveland continue to bring out support from the Black Lives Matter movement through protest.
  8. Black Lives Matter members gather outside stores on Michigan Ave. in Chicago to protest inequality.
  9. Double standard in the US Justice System leads to disproportionate minority arrests.
  10. The predominantly white neighborhood of Flushing, Queens, New York is seeing a shift towards diversity as more Asians move in.


  1. Children at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland got to experience snow thanks to nurse, Alex Classen.
  2. Instagram famous dogs help promote shelter adoptions.
  3. The mom of a deceased baby who donated his organs finally got to hear her son’s heartbeat again after it saved another little girl’s life.
  4. Arizona State worker found and saved a puppy trying to cross a busy highway.
  5. After an Afghan boy reached the hearts of many by wear a soccer jersey made of plastic, soccer star,  Lionel Messi, will meet the child.
  6. 19 year-old Jordan Thomas has finally achieved his goal of changing New Jersey law to make it easier for kids to get mental help.
  7. George Clooney and wife adopt deformed puppy no one else wanted.
  8. A Michigan community raised $110,000 to help pay for firefighters cancer treatment.
  9. Former soldier buys lunch for two hungry children who are ecstatic over Taco Bell.
  10. Surfer Kelly Slater saved a mother and her son after a freak wave overtook them.


  1. This student traveled by herself to Iceland after a tragic death to recenter herself.
  2. Data shows many international are turned away fromt the idea of joining sororities or fraternities.
  3. This lists the necessary steps for international students applying the schools abroad.
  4. As newcomers to the US, international students often have questions on American holidays and whether and how to celebrate.
  5. Although staying in touch with family is hard in college, it presents even more of a challenge for international students.
  6. To make an easier transition into college life international students should join their country’s community on campus.
  7. Going home for international students is more difficult than American students, make sure you’re prepared.
  8. If you’re an international student applying to a school keep these objects at the ready.
  9. Often liberal arts educations are best for international students.
  10. Some international students begin their life as American citizens.


  1. The book “Fate and Furies” focuses on a woman’s role in marriage, but turns out to be much more.
  2. Although gender pay gaps are shrinking, “pink taxes” still weigh down women.
  3. Companies see an increase in in-job child care for employees.
  4. Filmmaker, Suhasini Maniratnam, fights back after her opinion is called a woman’s opinion, stating it is a human being’s opinion.
  5. Hey! VINA is a Tinder like app for finding female friends, created to solve the issue of grown women’s lack of friends.
  6. During her acceptance speech at the SAG Awards Carol Burnett assures audiences that, “comedy is not a man’s game.”
  7. Political activist Gloria Steinem writes about the next steps for women and the impended “explosion of consciousness” in her new book “My Life on the Road.”
  8. Christen Brandt calls out cat calling as having to do with the woman’s body being objectified no matter what they are wearing.
  9. Trumps on going feud with news anchor Megyn Kelly is giving the country a reason to hate women.
  10. Data shows that reproductive questions and equal pay are what single women are looking for in the presidential race.


  1. Recently Champaign county donations to presidential candidate has increased by 60%.
  2. Sanders is winning the young votes by holding rock concerts.
  3. While Cruz appears to be pulling over Trump, Clinton and Sanders are toe to toe.
  4. Donald Trump is asked to stop playing Adele songs at his rallies after she states herself as a, “Labor girl through and through.”
  5. Sanders makes successful attack against Trump calling him out over minimum wage.
  6. Although Clinton and Sanders are head to head she claims he is making unfair personal attacks.
  7. Jeb Bush convinces Iowa voters to give him a chance, instead of a, “blowhard.”
  8. Sanders expects to win Iowa Caucuses if he can get a good turnout from the voters.
  9. The House is voting again on a bill that will force President Obama to punish Iran for missile testing, however the bill has already been passed once.
  10. For the first time since Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House, he and President Obama will meet.