Summary ending May 3

I’ve been waiting on the data to be crunched so that I can write a summary/interpretation of the charts & graphs that will be presented in the final project. Some of these items are now just coming in, so I will be able to work on the summary over the next few days. In the meantime, I attended the social media presentation (online).

Christopher Wick is a social media consultant who has written a successful book on social media success. He had some good points and is successful for a reason, but overall I thought his presentation was very profit-driven for his company. Additionally, we were told that the slides and a free copy of the book would be provided. I could be missing something, or maybe he has not yet delivered his content, but I’ve checked and can’t find the links anywhere. I even subscribed via his text sign-up request.

What I took away from Wick’s talk:

He stressed relating to your audience or speaking to your audience, without shoving in their face that you are trying to sell (literally or figuratively) them something. The selling could be information, or a product. We should think hard about what we are posting, and why we are posting it. He also emphasized keeping content short, and within attention span (7 seconds). The posts should be highly visual in nature. Wick also said know your audience. What demographic are you targeting? What social media platform is this demographic likely to be on? We may need to change our content based on which platform we are using, in order to better reach the demographic.

As we have done in this class, Wick said be sure to do some analytics regarding your social media posts. Click-throughs, bitly, etc are the common routes of doing this. Repeat what you find to be successful, and drop what is not.

I ended up spending the dollar on the e-book and I can look through it or offer it to anyone who may want to use it for the final report.

Up to April 25

  1. Reviewed the final poster for typos
  2. Helped write the literature review
  3. Posted tweets/facebook posts
  4. Contacted college of media professor (Michelle Nelson) to see if she will advertise the survey to students
  5. Helped determine demographic questions for survey as part of group 2

Lit review outline

Social media effectiveness is influenced by these important aspects:

  • Content quality, not quantity

o   Do not overwhelm audience with too many posts

o   Keeps audience more engaged

  •      Building trust and long-term relationships

o   Have 2 way conversations with followers

o   Talk about what your audience is interested in

  •      Involvement

o   Respond promptly to messages, questions, comments

  •      Use what your social media platform is best designed for
  • Hashtags, condensed tweets, images


One study asked 1,443 Twitter users to rank 43,738 tweets on whether they were worthy of reading. 36% of the tweets were worth reading, 25% were worth reading and 39% were neutral. Their findings found that the tweets most worthy of reading were: clear, didn’t overuse hashtags, and did not retweet conversations.


Percent of tweets worth reading when they have the following qualities:

  • Funny, exciting: 36%
  • Self-promotion: 36%
  • Questions to followers: 35%
  • Information or news: 33%
  • Opinions: 30%
  • Catching up: 27%
  • Presence: 20%


Another study measured the amount of engagement, replies and retweets of tweets based on what times they were posted, what days, and other factors.

They found:

  • Weekends are best for tweets
  • 7 AM to 8 PM is best for Twitter
  • 8 PM to 7 AM is best for Facebook
  • Tweet 4 times a day or less
  • Add links
  • Include two or less hashtags
  • Use images
  • Engagement on twitter is 17% higher on weekends
  • Ask followers to retweet
  • Use less than 100 characters


Measuring effectiveness of social media marketing

1. structural analysis
– uses parameters such as the number of followers, number of retweets and number of mentions to score influence of tweet

2. Content analysis
– why and how do people retweet
– use of URLs and hashtags affects the number of retweets
– users prefer sharing information and random thoughts to status updates

3. sentiment analysis
– tweets classified into predominantly positive, negative and neutral tweets
– tweets with negative sentiments are more likely to be retweeted

o   Be aware that many types of monitoring software won’t always accurately measure success. Do not rely entirely on one analytics option.


Blanchard, O. (2011). Social media ROI. Indianapolis, IN: QUE

Pradiptarini, Charity. “Social Media marketing: measuring its effectiveness and identifying the target market.” UW-L Journal of Undergraduate Research XIV (2011)



Weekly summary:

  1. Scored 100 tweets (still completing, half done)
  2. Posted tweets:

Rankings of posted tweets:

Immediacy- 4

Unexpected, original- 2

Engage with questions, commands- 3

Conversational language- 3

Humorous or irreverent- 1

Personal utility or proximity (student impact, involvement, new service, DIY tips)- 3

Talk factor (follow pop topic, weird)- 5

Human face, emotion- 1

Active or unusual real visual- 3

Simplify complex issue – 1

(Same order as criteria above):

4, 2, 4, 4, 3, 2, 4, 1, 3, 1

  • post about student charged with murder in infant’s death:
    • 4, 2, 3, 3, 1, 5, 5, 4, 1, 1
  1. Researched possible platforms for development of online survey
  • Google Forms seem to be the best
  • Will have to use URLs, cannot show images of tweets within the survey
  • Cannot randomize large bank of questions

3/29-4/5 Activities, Likert, etc

Likert Scaling, The`Nois

Answer each question based on:

1 = strongly disagree

2= disagree

3= undecided or neutral

4= agree

5= strongly agree

  • The tweet caught my attention by using visual elements such as photographs or gifs
  • The tweet caught my attention by using hashtags, or other tags
  • It was the first time I heard the information contained in the tweet
  • I wanted to continue reading further about the information presented in the tweet
  • I clicked the tweet to view the link, or better view the image contained
  • The tweet is concise and contains the right amount of information
  • The tweet reads as if it were a friend telling me about something interesting they heard of or learned
  • The topic of the tweet is something I find interesting or relevant (as a U of I student)
  • If the topic is not relevant or interesting to me, I have a friend(s) who would think so
  • The use of #DiscussNois #IdentityNois etc makes me want to read a particular tweet
  • The tweet encourages a reaction or emotional response (likes, hearts, comments, humor)


Technologies and techniques

  • I need to post on Instagram more (I haven’t yet)
  • I should be more visual and post more original content
  • I need to learn Illustrator basics

Contributions 3/15

  • Spoke with Michelle Nelson about sharing The `Nois with her class
  • On March 13, Eweek went out containing links to Facebook and Twitter
  • Published news ASAP rather than waiting
  • Experimented with dropping hashtags, lighter tone, less national headlines, things beyond my #Now persona
  • Fill some empty time slots
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,

Activities 3/1-3/8

  1. Followed twitter accounts:

University of Illinois News Bureau, Beckman, The College of Fine and Applied Arts, The Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Relations (UI), La Casa at Illinois, IL International, Women’s Resources Center (UI), IL Student Senate, Illinois Business, University Housing, Illinois Campus Rec, Illini Union, Illinois Leadership, Illini Union Board, 1867 Society (UI), UI Student Affairs, Krannert, GradLife at Illinois, U of I Police, Urbana PD, Champaign Co Sheriff, Champaign PD, Champaign County Government, U of I LGBT Resources, Japan House, Media at Illinois, UIUC Research Park, AAAC Illinois, Illini Union Bookstore, Illinois Music, Corporate at U of I, College of LAS, Illinois Alumni, Illinois F&S, Illinois Admissions, Illinois Library, Josh Whitman, Illini Productions, City of Champaign, UI7 News, Smile Politely, Gov. Rauner, FOX 55/27

2. Scheduled an announcement for The `Nois on March 13 for E-Week

3. Posted for NowNois T, W, F, M, T,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Activities ending March 1

  • Worked on a team with 2 others in in terms of scheduling logistics and providing suggestions and input
  • Acted as supervising editor for first week of test tweets. Approved and edited submitted tweets for all personas
  • Posted a summary and list of things to do from March 1 onward
  • Posted as Now persona for first week of test tweets (individual tweets listed below)









To do list from March 1 class

Things to know:
– Sign into class bitly account. Log in information is posted on the class Facebook group and on the class website. Always shorten URLs using bitly. This is important for tracking The Nois’ reach.

– Hashtags: When posting on your persona please use the format #EnjoyNois, #NowNois, etc. The persona category should always be listed first

– When using bitly on Facebook, Copy bitly URL into the post and then when you are ready to post, delete the bitly URL text. This will just leave a picture of the story to be clicked on and looks more professional

-Try to use pictures and video as much as possible when tweeting and posting

Tasks to be completed this week:
-Post a detailed report of what you did for your persona before class meets each week. List the actual tweets that you made. A report from the week of February 23 should be posted.
– Brea will provide log in information and instructions for using Buffer to schedule tweets and Facebook posts
 TBD: Distribute flyers. Print outs will be announced. 
– Members of each persona should sign up for times on the provided schedule. Nois will bump up scheduled stories if there is breaking news. Please do not leave an empty slot. If you are unable to make a specific time, discuss with your persona team members.
-Contact the various outlets we listed and ask them to advertise The Nois. Explain the purpose of the class and the page when you are soliciting the outlets. The list is needed so class can sign up and know who they need to contact.
– Blaize will make individual logos for images posted on each persona

Feb 18 tweets

February 18/19


UI basketball player accused of threatening security guard with a knife is suspended from his team

Woman says arrest led to the loss of her unborn baby, files 4th lawsuit against Champaign police officer

31 year old man arrested after causing I-57 wreck in a stolen car, faces multiple charges


UI’s Intensive English Institute helps international people acclimate to new surroundings


“I got the fever.” CU musician known for Tenacious D, Kyle Grass Band interviewed

@WCIA3 anchor Cynthia Bruno receives the ATHENA Young Professional Award #CUproud

Can Parkland Theater perform Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” with half as many actors as there are roles?


Some of Jeb Bush’s allies think he should call it quits

(Discuss and Now) Illinois enters eighth month without a budget: governor proposes two options but Democrats aren’t swayed


Feb 17 @Enjoy

New UIUC Athletic Director announced- what will he do to bring back the fans?

Miss the Grammy’s? Check out this video recap

Do you like dancing, games, and stories? Head over to the Urbana Fairy Tale Ball this March

Feb 15/16


Meet the man keeping the love of print photography alive by running the only public darkroom in CU

Will you find your true love in college? Learn the real facts behind happily ever after.

Thursday tweets

Daily Illini:

@Enjoy! Need gift-giving ideas for your Valentine? The Daily Illini has got you covered

News Gazette


“We did it!” Scientists spot #Einstein’s ripples in spacetime for the first time ever, #UIUC researchers involved #LIGO

@Discuss! Obama spoke in Springfield yesterday. See what local politicians have to say, and weigh in for yourself.

@Enjoy! He couldn’t find his car but he can find Mahomet. Ashton Kutcher shares video of local dance team

Illinois Public Media

@Enjoy! Swiping right or left makes everything easier- online dating has tripled since 2013 among 18-24 yr olds


@Active @Enjoy Blackhawks win leads to a trophy and…. an invitation to dine at the White House

@Now! Teenage girl forced to complete a suicide bombing tears off her explosives and flees scene

@Believe! Do you know someone who has served the community in an amazing way? Nominate them for the 2016 Heartland Heroes Award


@Believe @Discuss Largest deployment in 2 years of troops to head to Afghanistan, US Army announces

Smile Politely:

Where to eat for that Valentine’s date? Check out this guide to Feb 14 menus and specials

@Enjoy Dreaming of warmer weather? Local meteorologist might have some good news for you

Group 2’s tweet picks

Group 2

Rhea, Colleen, Mike, and Alia



  • So you think you know the magna carta?



  • Maggots make a meal out of dogs face but this dogs days are anything but over



  • One of the NFLs most sensational and revolutionary players decides to hang up cleats



  • UIUC’s #blacklivesmatter campaign. Where are we now?



  • With the business career fair right around the corner its time to show those companies who run the world #womenempowerment



  • Black lives matter co-founder Opal Tometi to visit UI on February 19 to talk about the movement that she co-founded in 2013.




  • Opal Tometi, co-founder of the national ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement to speak at #UIUC in February 2, 2016


  • Flint, Michigan government employees receive clean water as other residents are told that the tap water is safe to consume



  • Flint officials receive clean water as other residents are told that the tap water is safe to consume


Tweets we like:


Conversational, more fun


Quickly tells the story


Offers a way to learn or do something quickly


Famous people names in headlines
Contains an interesting quote


Contains a picture or video


Political headlines that allows readers to engage in a “debate” or, look at both sides or, ask a question


Things we don’t like or are on the fence about:


There’s a balance between tweets being too long and too short


Some categories could be combined while others eliminated



“Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” opens Feb 14 at the Art Institute

New Spring exhibitions open at Krannert, see the schedule here

New play “The Curate Shakespeare As You Like it” debuts Feb 18 at Parkland

Savoy IMAX to offer one night showing of Florence and the Uffizi Gallery

James Cordon to host 2016 Tony Awards


Trever Noah to perform at Chicago Theater March 26

Fox hosts “Grease: Live” Sunday, Jan 31

Kanye West tweets odd series rants at Wiz Khalifa

“The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story: debuts Feb 2

“Gilmore Girls” will be rebooted by Netflix

Abe Vigoda of “The Godather” dies at 94

Check out what is new to Netflix for February

Red Hot Chili Peppers will heading Bernie Sanders fundraiser in LA

“Jane Got a Gun” opens to disappointing numbers


Pediatricians recommend new HPV vaccine for 11-year-olds

Why story time is important for children’s learning

Obama pledges $4 billion in funding for computer science education in nation’s schools


On campus: History Reads Book Club to Discuss The Negro in Illinois: The WPA Papers

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies celebrates Carnival with special program

Study shows more African Americans are investing in stocks

Memphis, Atlanta, and New Orleans listed as travel destinations for honoring Black History Month

Beyonce under fire for Bollywood portrayal in New Coldplay Video


Fall 2016 student applications are up 11%

Dee Brown to guest speak at Grove Street Church’s “Focusing on our Youth and Their Future”


How a nail-biter in Iowa actually helps Hillary Clinton

What do the results in Iowa mean for Bernie Sanders?

Which GOP candidates are the most religious?

Hillary Clinton receives $13 million from health industry, now says single-payer will never come to pass

Obama to make his first visit as a president to a US mosque

State department declares 22 Clinton emails ‘top secret’


Forbes: 6 ways to land a job

Top 10 best websites for finding a 2016 internship

Want to get coworkers to do what you want? Check out these 5 tips.

How do successful people start their day?

Are you listing these items on your resume? What you should leave out, and what you should keep.

Start prepping for workplace professionalism while in college


What you need to know about traveling and zika

World Health Organization declares Zika virus a global public health emergency

CUMTD new Raven line offers more campus options

Major winter storm threatens Central United States

Memphis, Atlanta, and New Orleans listed as travel destinations for honoring Black History Month

India’s Jet Airways will offer Wi-Fi in flight streaming entertainment



What the Zika crisis means for you and your future children

Are college women actually happy with their bodies?

Forbes lists richest women of 2015

Mattel debuts new body shapes, skin tones, and eye colors for Barbie

Oprah credits Weight Waters for weight loss and causes a 7.6% share increase in the company

Women’s rock climbing has strong presence in Iran despite conservative restrictions

Hillary Clinton struggles to win strong support by millennial women

Obama moves to require new rule changes in effort to close gender pay gap



5 year old calls 911 to say he just saw his parents gunned down

Shots fired late-night in downtown Champaign

4 Oklahoma high school wrestlers charged with raping 2 boys aged 12 and 16 after tournament

Google passes Apple as the most valuable company in the world

College student fined for posting dorm room on Airbnb

Virginia Tech student murders 13-old-girl, second student helps dispose of body

Sex offender walks into Chicago high school wearing only his socks

Principal dies after pushing students out of way of bus

Video shows State Police caught on video discussing charges on protestor that will best “cover their asses”



Flu season: CDC warns of severe cases in young adults

What you need to know about traveling and zika

World Health Organization declares Zika virus a global public health emergency

New research shows the potential for short-term memory damage with chronic marijuana usage

CDC closes investigation into Chipotle E. coli outbreak

Legal marijuana sales grow 184% in one year

After a rough earlier year, Levi’s Stadium confirmed “in great shape” for Super Bowl 50

Illini loses to Wisconsin 63-65

“I don’t know the answer to that, Marshall” – Peyton Manning on Superbowl 50 being his last game

Chicago man completes 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days, wins challenge


Britain’s national happiness index suggests religious people are happier

Which GOP candidates are the most religious?

Latest Pew Religious Landscape Study suggests its common to experience feelings of religious doubt

Bernie Sanders says he’s not actively involved in organized religion

Obama to make his first visit as a president to a US mosque

Muslim leaders to work together to protect non-Muslims from religious persecution by ISIS and other extremists

New in TV: “You, me and the Apocalypse,” “Mercy Street” “Lucifer” will feature religious subplots

Rubio makes religious appeal to Iowa Christians