Contribution 4/12-4/26

  • Posted for #DiscussNois.
  • Helped generate demographic questions for the survey with Team 2.
  • Helped come up with strategies of sending out survey with Team 2.
  • Sent surveys to friends and made sure they finish them.
  • Helped write methodology for our poster.
  • Prepared for the presentation with Alia and Masic and presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.


  • Submitted form to promote the Nois on LAS Chalk
  • Likert
    1. Does the picture increase audience’s interests?
    2. Does it cover the topic that students would talk in their daily life?
    3. Is it funny?
    4. Is it an original content?
    5. Is the hashtag proper and useful?
    6. Is it related with UIUC?
    7. Does it contain a video/GIF?
    8. Is it a latest news?
    9. Does it have any offensive content?
    10. Does it choose an specific angle to target our audience?
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Research Abstract

Title: Rising above The ‘Nois; Identifying effective practices in social media


Social media have emerged as the fastest and widely used news outlet among online users today. The purpose of this study is to research, evaluate and report which practices are conducive to managing an effective social media news platform. The two research questions that will be used to guide to us throughout this project includes:

RQ1: What are the most effective methods social media platforms can use to reach and interact with readers?

RQ2: What attributes of postings done by The ‘Nois, an experimental social media platform, attract the most attention from readers?

The ‘Nois is an experimental social media platform that is split into eight different streams based on personas and interests. The ‘Nois is currently run by the Spring 2016 MDIA290/JOUR480 students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with the assistance of Professor Eric Meyer. The sample of this study will include campus members who engage in The ‘Nois’ social media sites. We will draw conclusions on effective practices by conducting a content analysis of The ‘Nois and gathering survey data from social media users.  This is an ongoing experiment, with analysis being conducted systematically from February through April. This study seeks to gather insight on which applicative digital and social media strategies maximize the scope and appeal of a social media platform’s postings overall.



@Now! (headlines, breaking news, crime)

Mexico prison riot killed 52 inmates.

Could be psychologically rehabilitated? Teen who killed 5 family members was released.


@Enjoy! (arts, entertainment, travel, fashion, leisure)

Best guide to dining out on Valentine’s Day: don’t let your sweet love die!


@Active! (fitness, sports, health, nutrition)

Exercise more = burn more calories? No!


@Connect! (careers, classes)

University’s INSPIRE program: a new opportunity for you to study abroad.


@Believe! (faith, service)

Take action NOW: donate for homelessness! #One Night Winter#


@Diverse! (gender, minorities, ethnicities)

A special gun class for just women is provided by the Springfield Shooting Center.

Better race relations under a Sanders presidency? “Absolutely.”


@Belong! (family, Illini legacy)

#Go Illini# UI alums’ wheelchair-producing company rank top ten in InnovateHER competition.


@Discuss! (politics, issues)

Second Springfield speech from Obama is about Illinois General Assembly.


i-Arts (fine arts)

Join the opening of the “Unforgotten: Humanizing the Tragic Consequences of Gun Violence” at 5 p.m. on Jan. 28th!

i-Enjoy (entertainment)

The weekend film this week is the Hunger Games – Mockingjay Pt. 2.


Parent and Family Programs is looking for volunteers for Admitted Student Days. Check out the dates to see if you are available to help!

i-Fit (sports, health, etc.)

The topsy-turvy nature of recruiting continued for Illinois football on Monday, less than 48 hours until National Signing Day.

i-Grind (studying, careers, etc.)

Would you like to study in the U.K. this summer? Attend U.K. Fulbright Summer Institutes Info Session to learn about this fully funded study abroad opportunity in the United Kingdom!

i-Headlines (“if it bleeds it leads”)

A second Virginia Tech student has been charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl whose remains were found in North Carolina, authorities said Sunday.

i-Legacy (traditions, alumni, etc.)

Here is a great chance to meet international alumni and learn from their career stories! Apply for the International Illini Networking in Chicago and expand your network!

i-OfColor (racial and ethnic minorities)

February is Black History Month. The first event, Black History Month Kick-Off Event is on February 1st!

i-Serve (service to the community)

The first weekend service trip of 2016 to Milwaukee is coming! Join us to serve a local health clinic and explore Milwaukee on weekend!

i-Travel (international students, student travels)

Are you looking to do some traveling over spring break or maybe trying something new or meeting new people? Habitat for Humanity UIUC Chapter is offering two spring break trips: Griffin, GA and Goldsboro, SC. Apply and make a difference!


To learn strategies to confront stereotypes, microaggressions and acts of intolerance, the Feminist Activist Academy at Women’s Resources Center is the right choice for you!

i-Wonks (politics)

Clinton ekes out win in Iowa against Sanders.