Assignments for May 3rd.

Survey data analysis: Khaoula and Ryan  V (send results to Rhea)

Discussion of the results: Rhea (send results to (Masic, Colleen and Mike)

Comparison of results with what local media are doing.

  • Masic analyze week of the DI (send results to Ruoxi)
  • Colleen The news gazette (send results to Ruoxi)
  • Mike Smile Politely (Send results to Ruoxi)
  • Comparison between the effectiveness of posts in twitter and facebook: Aaron (Send results to Ruoxi)

Results of comparison: Ruoxi

General recommendations: Brea and Molly

Putting everything together: Ryan


To answer these questions, a class of 16 students in a Digital Media research class created, The ‘Nois, an experimental social media accounts on the three most popular social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Our target audience is all UIUC students. We wrote specific tweets to target 6 specific personas on campus that were decided on by the class. These personas include #EnjoyNois, #ActiveNois, #DiscussNois, #IdentityNois, #NowNois, #ConnectNois, and were used to target students with specific interests while simultaneously reaching the entire campus. Social media posts were specifically and strategically written for each persona and were targeted using the hashtags above.

After posting daily for about two months, we considered which posts received the most attention and analyzed which attributes these tweets had. To analyze which attributes draw attention to a post, we decided to create a survey that asked a representative sample to rate tweets. To select the appropriate tweets to put in the survey, we first established 10 qualities of tweets that may trigger people’s attention.

These qualities are:

  1. Immediacy
  2. Originality
  3. Engaging
  4. Conversational
  5. Humorous
  6. Personal Utility
  7. Talk Factor
  8. Emotion
  9. Active Visual
  10. Simplify Complex Issues


We selected 100 tweets from The ‘Nois as well as other social media brands to be assessed on their ability to attract public attention. To confirm the intercoder reliability, we had 15 coders scor these tweets on a scale of 1-5 for each of the 10 qualities. The intercoder reliability was confirmed using a test of standard deviation of the scores. Then an online survey that asks a representative sample consisting of 750 students of the UIUC campus to rate 20 tweets, randomly selected from the pool of 100 tweets, based on their likelihood to receive attention was sent out and collected on April 19th. (Each survey varied in their composition of tweets.) This data from these tweets will be analyzed in relation to the scores received in the 10 qualitative categories, to draw conclusions on what qualities are most important in drawing attention in social media.




April 5-12

As a member of Group 1, I have created the excel rating sheet and drafted the standards for rating the tweets.

Colleen and I also met with Professor Mira Sotirovic to discuss how we can use the intercoder reliability test. She said that this test can be used when there are no more than two or three raters, instead we can indirectly test the reliability of the ratings by calculating the average grade for each quality per tweet.

Report 03/29 – 04/05

2- Qualities for social media posts

On a scale from (2) to (-2) with (-2) being a post that deserve a dislike button if there is any, here are the good and poor qualities for social media posts.

(2) Presents unusual news/information

(2) Funny

(2) Contains good visuals

(2) About people like me/ human stories

(2) Has a direct impact on my day (warning)

(1) About something trending

(0) introduces a service

(-1) Uses the same description as the title of the article

(-2) Clickbait posts

(-2) Contains stereotypes

  • Posts

Tuesday, March 29th

Girls Who Code founder, Alumna Reshma Saujani among the world’s greatest leaders #ILLINOIS (26 reach)

R&B singer Kehlani hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Some call her cheater, others say suicide is not a joke ‪#‎staystrongkehlani (88 reach, 2 clicks)

Wednesday, March 30th


If you want to prepare for your internship/job interviews, you can schedule a mock interview with the U of I career center. Professionals will provide you with feedback on your performance. (link) (5 reach, 1 click)


Boost your chances of getting hired! Schedule a mock interview with the U of I career center (2clicks)

Tuesday, April 5th

Facebook and twitter

Who is the funniest in the family? #textfromyourmom (scheduled)

It’s #internationalstudents week at the U of I. How about greeting your friends in different languages this week! (scheduled)


Since we do not have any description for our page on Facebook, I drafted a text that I would like you to review. Please comment on it and add any modifications necessary.

We are sixteen behind the keyboard. We have all types of connections with social media, we love them, need them, fear them and enjoy scavenging them. So, we decided to bring more structure and fun to our virtual lives by taking a social and digital media class and creating the NOIS’, a network where U of I students can find the news they need or want to read.

Newsworthiness in the NOIS’ takes more than a perspective. In the NOIS’ we share things that spark our interests. Life evens that we, as journalism students at the U of I liked, either on the internet or on our way to class.

While thinking about the best way to bring together the maximum number of our fellow U of I students and faculty member, we realized that our interests are the strongest ties that bind us together. As long as people from different backgrounds take the same classes, love theater and play football, we are confident that there would be a place for each one of you in the NOIS’.



March 28-29

Monday, March 28


1- We hope you all enjoyed spring break! Here are some tips to get back on track (link to article). (6 Reach)


  • 1- We miss you already#springbreak (picture of baby crying ‘’When you realize that spring break is over)

Tuesday, March 29


  • R&B singer Kehlani hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Some call her cheater, others say suicide is not a joke‪#‎staystrongkehlani  (picture), (23 reach)
  • Girls Who Code founder, Alumna Reshma Saujani among the world’s greatest leaders #ILLINOIS (link) (scheduled)


  • R&B singer Kehlani hospitalized after suicide attempt. Some call her cheater, others support her #‎staystrongkehlani (picture)
  • Girls Who Code founder, Alumna Reshma Saujani among the world’s greatest leaders #ILLINOIS (picture)



February 20/21

February 20,


Rauner proposes more cuts to higher education, universities to bear the brunt


Interested in silver, gold, or antiques? Check out the upcoming Central Illinois Antiques Show

Slave escaped by dressing as a man. Check out the full story in Jennifer Goran’s portrayal.


#TBT to these outdated resumes…see how to modernize your resume information here!

Your future career could be just one fair away! Check out the full list of upcoming career fairs here!

@ Discuss

A public relations charade? FBI claims it can’t hack into encrypted iPhone data of San Bernardino Suspect.

February 21,


Pope Francis calls for an international abolishment of the death penalty

Illinois school and university budgets stretching thin as budget stalemate enters 8 months

UIUC student-run newspaper wins over 30 individual awards at the Illinois Press Association annual conference #goIllini ttp://


Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Shakespeare gather around. The Virginia Theatre has movie showings this weekend just for you.

Acclaimed Filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro will be at Ebertfest this April, will you?


Thrilling finish gives Hamlin Daytona 500 crown.

Half of Pelican’s points come from Anthony Davis’s stat line against Pistons.

­­ Johnny Manziel caught up with the law again, this time on video.


Can you ‘hack it’ at this year’s HackIllinois? Tweet us with pictures of your favorite parts of the event @thenois


#Blacklivesmatter founder holds forum on breaking down racism

Physically disabled student explains how she and others wish to be treated


Donald Trump wins in South Carolina Primary! Check out what’s behind his victory.


Scott Hall dorm evacuated after a sprinkler extinguished a trash can fire.

Einstein was right! U of I scientists contributed to the discovery of gravitational waves that confirm Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.


Movie critic @ryanMpainter is not a fan of ‘’How to Be Single’’!Any thoughts on the movie? #Valentinesday


A study shows how our brains can works against our best intentions! Have you ever experienced this?

To eat or not to eat #chocolate! That is the question.


NOIS Future entrepreneurs! Don’t  miss the startup career fair that the U of I is hosting this year


A sad answer from Rape Advocacy Center in Urbana to a student who wanted to volunteer! ‘’they do not know if they will still be open in a few weeks’’ says the Student

Champaign-Urbana honors Local hero John Hecker founder of Champaign County Crime Stoppers.


What About diversity in movie industry? #weareallAfricans, says Meryl Streep

Gun training center offers a class for women only and shooting centers say they’re beginning to see an increase in the number of female customers!


Two U of  I alums among the finalists in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s InnovateHER competition. #goillini


Clinton and Sanders are catching up in Milwaukee tonight! Who is watching the #democraticdebate at 8 p.m. CT on PBS?




i-Arts (fine arts)

-‘’Borrowed Identity’’, a movie based on the novel ‘’Dancing Arabs’’, by Sayed Kashua’s was screened today at the Art Theater. Movie available on Netflix

– Students passionate about theater are now auditioning at the Krannert Center for the Performing arts to join the Undergraduate program in theater at the U of I.

– Kathatk Dance Demonstration and workshop today at the McKinley Presbyterian Church in Champaign at 04 pm.

– The Urbana city’s council decides today whether the 114 years old house at the corner of Elm and Coler will be declared a historic landmark or demolished by its owner who wants to build a one bedroom apartment instead.

– ‘’Time/ Image’’, a contemporary art exhibition featuring works of eleven artists at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts from January 29 to April 23.

i-Believe (faith)

– Christians welcome back event on campus. Bible study and students’ testimonies at Ikenberry Commons on Wednesday 27th, at 08:15 pm.

– A Maryland couple are suing a public high school for forcing their daughter to list Islam pillars and its benefits as part of her world history class.

– The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University says that his institution won’t invite Donald Trump to speak because he does not represent the University’s theological, moral or political beliefs

– Special prayers and celebrations on Friday, 12th at the Hindu Temple in Champaign, to celebrate the Vasant Panchami festival

i-Enjoy (entertainment)

– Enjoy ‘’Carnival’’, a traditional Latin-American celebration at Douglass Branch Library on Wednesday, Feb. 3.


– ‘’Discover the world’’ with your children by creating and playing with crafts from around the world. Check the Spurlock Museum’s program in Urbana for more information.

i-Fit (sports, health, etc.)

– Ankle injury prevents defensive lineman Jihad Ward from playing in Saturday’s Senior Bowl that features some of the best players in the country.

– A British message therapist detected her customer’s cancer, doctors confirmed that it was cervical cancer.

– Tomorrow is the first day of practice for UI baseball. They will be on campus at the Irwin indoor facility

– Ben Lecomete will swim across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco.

– Thanks to hot water, cider vinegar and steam, Michael Cerveris, the star of ‘’Fun Home’’ hasn’t missed any show because of sickness!

i-Grind (studying, careers, etc.)

– The graduate college is helping students create powerful resumes and good cover letters. A workshop tomorrow at the Illini Union at 01:00pm

– The National Center for Super Computing is offering fellowships to researchers interested in launching start-up projects or organizing activities to develop research in the field. The application in open now.

– The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published an article that gives job potentials based on college majors. Check the article to know how much you could earn per year.

– Graduate students! Check the summer 2016 Tinker Fellowship information meeting offered Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Information Meeting on Friday January 29, 2016 at 12pm in Room 200 International Studies Building

– If you have a business idea and you are looking for resources apply for the Cozad Competition, the biggest start-up competition on campus.

i-Headlines (“if it bleeds it leads”)

– Twenty five year old Seymour woman charged in court for stabbing and killing her boyfriend.

– Zika virus cases confirmed in 23 countries in the Americas.

– Private gun sales banned on Facebook and Instagram sites.

– Fraternity house on Oak street caught on fire. Six people were injured until now.

– Medical marijuana event is not taking place on February 7th, as announced earlier by Medical Cannabis Outreach. The organization says there was a mix up in the dates.

– The Graduate Employees Organization satisfied with the University’s agreement to continue tuition waivers for students in the Master’s of Computer Science program.

i-Legacy (traditions, alumni, etc.)

– Kevin Jackson, a research scientist and U of I alumn is adapting a military technology to create cooling helmets and reduce the trauma of brain injuries in football and related sports.

– Paul Rosa, a senior engineering student creates a wheelchair that could be controlled by eyes for his grandmother

i-OfColor (racial and ethnic minorities)

– Black Lives Matter Co-founder Opal Tometi, to visit UI for on February 19th, to talk about the movement that she co-founded in 2013.

– Fourteen students from a Catholic high school in San Francisco suspended after attending a party where young people wore clothes miming a style associated with urban black culture according to the school’s president.

– Sikh comedian kicked out from Trump’s rally on Sunday in Iowa.

i-Serve (service to the community)

– More than 40 former employees at veterans’ charity, Wounded Warriors Project criticize the organization for spending more than $800 million raised in the past six years.

i-Travel (international students, student travels)

– Learn about the cultures of Portuguese speaking countries and practice the language with instructors around a Portuguese conversation table ‘’BATE PAPO’’ . It’s tomorrow at La Casa Cultural Latina.

– Illinois-Sweden Program for Educational Research and Exchange, has been awarded the Institute of International Education’s Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education

– Students at the UIUC learn about the undergraduate and main libraries’ systems in Chinese.

– King Abdullah of Jordan says that Syrian refugees influx creates a pressure on Joran’s infrastructure and economy


– President Obama presents new rules compelling companies with more than 100 worker to provide annual data of salaries based on gender, race and ethnicity

i-Wonks (politics)

– Coming soon; State Department will release some of Hillary Clinton’s remaining emails

– GOP debate in Iowa without Donald Trump, Thursday on Fox News. Moderators; Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and Megan Kelly!

– Federal Election Commission says 2016 campaign donations are low in Champaign County.

– University of Missouri professor Melissa Clarck takes Columbia’s prosecutors’ deals. She will complete 20 hours of community service for avoiding prosecution for a misdemeanor.

– Ted Cruz wins the Republican Caucus in Iowa