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Hi all, here is what I have been working on so far:

I have crunched the data for Respondent Demographics and made graphs so that we could have some visual representation of the data. You can find that here:

I also attended Chris Wick’s lecture on tips for successful social media marketing. He touched on only a few points, but still gave some pretty useful information to the audience. Here are the notes and recommendations that I took from his lecture:

He aimed to address a few of these questions/concerns within this lecture:
-Distribution/How many people see your posts on social media
-A meaningful network within their audience
-Should certain firms have a social media presence?
-How to understand and measure success

-Consumers buy based on emotion and they justify with logic. Appeal to the audience emotionally. Consumers are more prone to pay attention and respond to things that they can relate to in some type of way and will move their emotions.

You must ask these questions for your brand:

1. Why am I communicating this message/brand/product to consumers?
2. What is it that I’m trying to communicate/sell?
3. What do you want your user to do once they have access to your posts?

Research, explore and learn
Story-based marketing- Write a script and put a story together that will provoke a user to take action when they see your content whether it be a like, retweet, share, etc.

To answer the question of should we or should we not [as a firm] have a social media presence, Chris says YES because every single network connects with a different user.
When you have an important piece, PLAN for ALL social media networks. You need to have something distributed on various social media channels that will vary in execution based on the platform that it is on.

Creating a meaningful community through your network

You must be able to measure success in order to determine whether or not it is meaningful. Connect with anyone that can relate to your target demographic and use custom URLs such as or google url to track how many click were received and where they came from. He notes that the difference between social media users and consumers is that social media users are not there to buy, they are there to connect. Once a user likes, retweets or connects with your content they have connected with it in some type of way.

Make your move before you’re ready, because your idea will never be picture perfect. Don’t go into “analysis paralysis” where you have a great idea but you care about it so much that you want to wait a long time to execute it.

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1. Being interactive
2. Lists (similar to buzzfeed but not buzzfeed)
3. Fun/engaging
4. Less Politics
6. Lifestyle/Lifehacker Posts
7. Stories that may not be in all media
8. More tech stories
9. Info about companies such as google, etc.
10. Financial Advice

Headline Tester

i-Arts (fine arts)

  • Krannert Combines Dance and Social Justice
  • Swan Lakes makes a Grand Comeback at Krannert
  • C-U Ballet puts exciting new spin on ‘The Nutcracker
  • i-Believe (faith)


  • i-Enjoy (entertainment)
  • Drake stars in TMobile’s “Hotline Bling”-themed Super Bowl
  • Kim and Amber are posting selfies together? Whaaa-?
  • 50Diamonds hopes to kickstart C-U music scene with new music video
  • “Accept Yourself”: Zendaya Coleman is the Voice of a Beautiful Generation
  • Will DA’s Deal save Bill Cosby from Sexual Assault Trial?
  • Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Crimson Peak’ to open Ebertfest
  • Krannert Center hosts free family concert Feb. 13: Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
  • Missed Part 2 of Hunger Games? Catch it at the Illini Union on February 5th!
  • i-Family
  • 27 Ways to make money for moms
  • Moms Association seeks nominations for Medallion of Honor
  • Fun without Mom still possible: How to make it through Mom’s Weekend Without Mom


i-Fit (sports, health, etc.)

  • The best QB in Super Bowl history is … Brady? Manning? Bradshaw? Advanced metrics weigh in.
  • Illini Basketball Team falls to Wisconsin
  • WWE Hall of Famer Reveals his Battle With Cancer
  • Three of a kind: The Red Herring looks to promote vegan cuisine
  • University professors address WHO statement on ‘Cancerous’ processed meat
  • Here’s Why Being Lazy Might Kill You
  • GoPro, NHLPA And NHL Renew Partnership To Deliver Hockey Fans A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Game
  • Do you have an Interested in working in the sports and entertainment business? Attend the Illinois Sports Business Conference on February 26
  • Time is running out on the Illini hockey season: The Race for the Conference Title


i-Grind (studying, careers, etc.)

  • You’re 1 out of 1,000 Resumes. Here’s How to Make Yours Stand Out
  • University Offers Fresh Opportunities for Students Seeking Jobs
  • Want to Invest in Your Future? Here are some Pre-Professional Organizations to Get You Started
  • How the University Can Help you Nail that Interview!
  • Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch
  • How an Online Portfolio Can Help You Land the Job
  • One more reason to spend the night at Grainger Library: Grand Opening of Expresso Royale
  • LinkedIn 101: Get People to Stop and Look at Your Profile
  • Not to worry: How all majors can lead to successful, interesting careers
  • Dress for Success: Guide to dressing for interviews, from accessories to shoes


i-Headlines  (I-Crisis) (“if it bleeds it leads”)

  • UIUC Application Rates are High, and State Funding is Low….What Are We Going To Do?
  • Champaign City Council Pays Big Bucks in Police Brutality Case
  • Hoverboards: ‘Back to the Future’ or back to the emergency room?
  • Campbell Ewald Ceo Has Been Fired Amid Fallout Over A Staffer’s Racist Email
  • Study shows that customers would rather Die of E. Coli Poisoning than Not Eat Chipotle
  • World Health Organization Declares Global Emergency on Zika Virus
  • Elephant Gores Tourist To Death In Thailand


i-Legacy (traditions, alumni, etc.)

  • Illini Football Recruitment Has Noticeably Changed Over the Years
  • Help Protect Higher Education: Sign this Petition to help Urge State Officials to make public university a top priority
  • Join Fellow Alumni on a Breathtaking journey to Italy


i-OfColor (or i-Culture) (racial and ethnic minorities)

  • Mother Nature inspires Social Change through Hip-Hop
  • Chinese and Zambians unfold Chinese traditional culture at a temple fair to mark upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year
  • Oreo and Adam Lambert Kick Off the Cookie’s Campaign About Diversity and Tolerance ‘Open Up’ and be childlike again, says the brand
  • Local Asian restaurant to join Illini Union food court in early 2016
  • Culturally inspired painting exhibition to show in Illini Union
  • For students of color, job hunt proves to be more challenging
  • Join the Discussion: #SayHerName: Toward a Gender Inclusive Movement for Racial Justice


  • i-Serve (service to the community)
  • Holiday Toy Drive provides chance for local and university communities to give back


  • i-Travel (international students, student travels


  • i-Women
  • Slut shaming: An everyday challenge for women
  • See All the New Barbies From Curvy to Tall and Petite
  • Girls interested in advertising, pr, graphic design, writing and much more! Apply to Her Campus the #1 online publication for college women by January 28th! Contact me for details if you are interested.
  • Studies show that apples link to decreased risks for breast cancer in women
  • Moms Association honors women on campus


  • i-Wonks (politics)
  • Clinton Barely Beats out Sanders in the Iowa Caucus
  • Mike Huckabee Suspends Presidential Campaign
  • What does the world think of the Presidential Race? Let’s Find out!
  • Cruz’s Team is Accused of Foul Play by Ben Carson: “Cruz Sabotaged us with dirty tricks”
  • Why Clintons Apparent Iowa Win Feels Like a Loss
  • Trump Suggests Buying a Farm After Iowa Caucus
  • Middle East says America Isn’t Ready for a Democracy
  • Trump surprises with second-place finish