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  • Now! (headlines, breaking news, crime)
    • The Daily Illini continues its digital push and offers headlines news straight to your inbox!
  • Enjoy! (arts, entertainment, travel, fashion, leisure)
    • Refugee to success to closing: Escobar’s to close its doors after a successful run
  • Active! (fitness, sports, health, nutrition)
    • Vukic serves up a double bagel against ND’s Monaghan
  • Connect! (careers, classes)
    • job fair coming to Champaign to provide opportunities for students to network with startups
  • Believe! (faith, service)
    • Jewish Menorah vandalized AGAIN.  This time by a UI softball player.
  • Diverse! (gender, minorities, ethnicities)
    • Budget cuts could cut out CU’s rape advocacy center
  • Belong! (family, Illini legacy)
    • New award winning study abroad program, INSPIRE, is now open to UIUC students
  • Discuss! (politics, issues)
    • Budget issues warrants a Springfield visit from President Obama


i-Arts (fine arts)

i-Believe (faith)

  • Salaita wins $600,000 for standing up in what he believes in.

i-Enjoy (entertainment)

  • UIUC to ban the coolest way to get from point a to point b on campus come the Spring semester.


  • Have a family but want to go to grad school? UIUC has the solutions you need.

i-Fit (sports, health, etc.)

  • It’s going to warm up this weekend! Break out your gym shorts and go for a run around campus.

i-Grind (studying, careers, etc.)

  • Pick up your dry cleaning! UIUC’s business career fair is 2/3 and 2/4 at the ARC from 2-6 PM.

i-Headlines (“if it bleeds it leads”)

  • UIUC Fraternity senior house burns down! What was the reason? Good question.

i-Legacy (traditions, alumni, etc.)

  • UIUC startup making noise as 1 of 10 finalistts in the InnovateHER competition

i-OfColor (racial and ethnic minorities)

  • A racist women’s basketball coach? UIUC student athletes accuse coach of racist remarks.

i-Serve (service to the community)

  • Increase in financial aid by $5.4 help increase the amount of students staying in-state to attend UIUC

i-Travel (international students, student travels)

  • UIUC has more international students than any other public university in the country!


  • $100K grant given to UIUC to support women starting businesses to increase STEM talent pool

i-Wonks (politics)

  • Drinking tickets on campus not about revenue, but to keep students safe. So why let 19 year olds in?