Activities up to 4/5

 Qualities for Likert Scale Measuring

  • There are hashtags and the hashtags are useful
  • The post added original content that is not in the article’s headline
  • The post asks a thoughtful question to the audience
  • The post takes a point of view/perspective on an issue or topic
  • The post evokes emotion (makes people happy, sad, confused, scared, etc.)
  • The post includes recent news
  • The article is about something in the area (proximity)
  • The content of the post relates to the targeted segment (Enjoy, Now, Discuss, etc.)
  • The post is grammatically correct
  • The post uses slang words/terms
  • The post includes some sort of click bait (Check it out!, See for yourself!, Read more, etc.)
  • The posed is biased (takes sides)
  • The news pertains directly to the U of I
  • There is an image
  • There is a video or gif

In person pitch/ Recruiting

  • Made an announcement during fraternity meeting & sent out email with information/links
  • Personally messaged individuals to like/ follow (still waiting for more)
    • Responsible for 25 of this weeks 28 new FB likes
    • Responsible for 5 new Twitter followers

Technologies to learn more about

  • WordPress- I’d like to learn simple ways to create blog or article posts so I can make more original content for the ‘Nois
  • Animations/ slideshows- How can I make short slideshows to explain a process (how to make a recipe, simple workouts, etc.)

Posts to the ‘Nois pages: made posts 3 days of the week for the EnjoyNois segment

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Aaron Swearingen

Aaron Swearingen

senior in advertising at University of Illinois
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