Contributions Report 4

In-Person and Online Pitch

  • Continued to inform friends and classmate on The ‘Nois both Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Used personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote page for likes, shares and views.
  • Talked to several clubs, including Malaysian Club and AAF, as well as those in housing to get more likes and followers.
  • Retweet postings on Twitter done by other accounts like @Illinois_Alma @TheDailyIllini etc

Likert Scale Ideas

  • Hashtags help increase awareness, especially those who aren’t following The ‘Nois but go through tweets with #Illini or #Illinois
  • Tweeting and putting facebook posts on the spot for events currently happening: tweeting about the rain etc
  • Finding current events on campus and informing readers on it
  • Relevancy is important.
  • Posting fun stuff like a Buzzfeed poll to get students to go on site, and click through posts.
  • Post pictures of current students on campus on Instagram. Helps get the name out, and increase relevance for students as well.

Postings for The ‘Nois

Untitled fb





Best post of the week: 3 likes, and 82 reaches on Facebook.



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