Please review and rate these Tweets before 2/14 class


We have selected 100 tweets from our one page, “The ‘NOIS”, besides tweets from other outlets. Please feel free to suggest three more tweets per group, as we may need to replace some tweets after rating them.

You can access the excel sheet through the following link

We would like for each one of you to rate those tweets according to the following instructions.

Based on the 10 qualities that we have agreed on in our last class,we will be using a scale from 1 to 5, with five being “strong” to rate the presence of each quality per Tweet,

Grades (5-4) should be used only once in every tweet, and grades (1-3) should not be used for more than three qualities.

If you want to give a high grade to any of the qualities mentioned in the rating sheet, ask your self the following questions,and which one of those qualities had the most influence on you?


– Are there any time indicators in the tweet (now, today…)

– Would this tweet be still useful if not published in the right time?

Unexpected, original

– Does it have the ”wow effect’? Did it make stop and wonder how is this possible?

Engaging with questions and commands
– Asks about your opinion?
-Invites to click on a link?

– addresses you in a simple style?

– Did it make laugh without containing any offensive messages or stereotypes?

Personal utility or proximity
– Is it related to the U of I? to a specific specialty (engineering, law, media…)
– Could it have any direct impact on your day? Does it inform you about something you need to know (weather changes, graduation information…)?

Talk Factor
– Is it trending on social media?
– Does it add a perspective to the topic?

Human face
– Does it evoke emotions?
– Does it tell a story?

Active visuals
– Does it contain significant pictures, Gifs or videos?

Simplify complex issues
– Does it present information about science, economy, health or any other serious topic in a simple way?


Please let Blaize, Khaoula, Colleen, or Henry if you have any questions.

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