Contribution – Week of 4/12 to 4/19

Researched, wrote and entered all information for final project paper for the following sections: Objective, Introduction, Keywords, Literature Review Links, Research Question, Method.


Objective:  Begin thinking about our ultimate goal — drafting, as a team, a final report to campus and other local media using our readings, experiences and data to make a convincing case for how they could improve their social media products to more engagingly reach a campus audience.


Today, social media has become a necessity in the daily lives of millennials. Interactions have become less of an organic, face-to-face ordeal and more of a distant, instantaneous line of communication. Whether it is meeting new individuals or receiving updates on news from across the country, people are connected now more than ever. It has become second nature for people to receive their news online since it is quick and convenient. Our


Literature Review

Keywords: social media, college, university, students, media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, audience, UIUC, Illinois, platforms, newspapers, engagement, campus, strategies, marketing



Digital Inequalities

  • Assumption that all students are tech savvy and up to date with all trends
  • Understand that students may not use social media for academic purposes and development
  • Understand the difference between access and use
  • Know that social media engagement can affect college admission process
  • Social economic status and race may affect participation   
    • African-Americans more likely to use Twitter, less likely to use FB to check on friends
  • Make sure to target both genders
    • Men
      • Use social media to make new friends
      • Play games
    • Women
      • Use it to maintain current relationships
      • Post public messages, send private ones, send friend requests, post photos
      • Use Pinterest and IG more than males

Social Media Marketing aspects

  • Create buzzworthy/newsworthy events
    • Create a way that fans can promote pages
    • Create online conversations
  • Strategies
    • Listen to the tone of the community
      • Observe how members interact with one another and etiquette
    • Listen to other different social channels & competitors
    • Target which platforms are relevant to the student population
    • What is the desired outcome?

School Website

  • Must be mobile friendly
  • Easy to update
  • Link to other social media platforms
  • Reflects school culture


  • Celebrate great things happening
    • Sports, arts, cultural events
    • Post blog articles, news items and announcements
      • Awards, achievements, honors
    • Share educational memes


  • Use a hashtag for your school
  • Engaging GIFs, videos and photos


  • Use it as a platform to help connect students and alumni
  • Post blog articles, news items and announcements
    • Awards, achievements, honors
  • Follow local businesses, campus outlets (radio, tv, newspaper)


  • Be consistent and available
  • Quality content


  • Best place to post engaging images to entice alumni, current students and prospective
  • Show events such as sporting events, Quad day, school history, etc.


Research Question

The research question that we are exploring is: What can campus and local media do to improve their social media platforms to better engage with the campus audience?

Revision: In what ways can campus and local media better engage with a campus audience through their social media platforms?



Target group: Campus and local media consists of the following:

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Public Affairs Department
    • The Daily Illini
    • UI-7
    • College Departments
      • College of Media
      • LAS
      • ACES
    • PRSSA
    • AAF
    • JAMS
    • NABJ
  • Local Media
    • The News Gazette
    • Ebertfest
    • WCIA 15
    • News Channel 15
    • Herald & Review
    • The Pantagraph (Bloomington)
    • Journal Star (Peoria)
    • Illinois Public Media
    • Star Courier (Kewanee)
    • Suburban Life Media (Downers Grove)
  • Social Media Platforms to consider
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Periscope?
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