Activities April 19

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Did means and standard deviation


#DiscussNois 5 predictions for the NY primary

#DiscussNois Trump and the Clintons: Does he love them or hate them?

#DiscussNois How to win NY

#DiscussNois Obama: This election is dysfunctional

#DiscussNois Cruz wins Wyoming

#DiscussNois Did you see Sanders introduce Run the Jewels at Coachella?

#DiscussNois Watch Clinton dance while on campaign trail

#DiscussNois Clinton’s fundraising: Sanders supporters shower her with dollar bills

#DiscussNois Is Sanders’ average donation really $27?

#DiscussNois Mothers who lost their children to police abuse or gun violence rally around Clinton

#DiscussNois Who is Trump blaming now for his loses?

#DiscussNois There won’t be a White House in the future for Paul Ryan

#DiscussNois Cruz’s go fund me


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