Contributions Report 5

  1. Continuously tweeted and wrote Facebook posts for The ‘Nois under the #EnjoyNois category.
  2. Went through buffer analytics, Facebook Insights and checked through Instagram posts to see which posts gained the most popularity and interests.
  3. Started preparing for the Undergraduate Research Symposium with Masic and RouXi. Discussed logistics and what we need to prepare for the symposium in terms of poster, data and required information needed for the poster.
  4. Met up with Team 2 to write demographic questions for The ‘Nois student survey.

    Q1: Gender.
    Answer: Male/Female

    Q2: Year in school
    Answer: Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior

    Q3: What is your ethnicity
    Answer: Asian or Pacific Islander/White/Native American or American Indian/Black or African American/Hispanic or Latino/Other

    Q4: Where do you get your news from
    Answer: News websites/Twitter/Facebook/TV/Newspapers/ Other (please indicate)

  5. Reviewed with Team 2 on ways we can distribute the survey online to get data. This includes social media, word of mouth, in-class announcements.
Aliaputri Mohd Kamal

Aliaputri Mohd Kamal

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Aliaputri Mohd Kamal

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