Contributions Report 6

  1. Continued to post in The ‘Nois for #EnjoyNois, constantly trying to find interesting and engaging stories for readers. Played around with memes, gifs and different emojis too.
  2. Sent out surveys to friends on the Illinois campus, both in the college of media and out.
  3. Assisted in writing the methodology for our Undergraduate Research Symposium poster.
  4. Read through Literature Review, gained a better understanding on what our research is and prepared with the team for our presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  5. Presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium on behalf of the class, explained our experiment to judges and other faculty and students interested in our study. Answered the questions and concerns they had in regards to the experiment or anything related to social media and our research.
  6. Spent the weekend getting people to answer our short surveys for class.
Aliaputri Mohd Kamal

Aliaputri Mohd Kamal

sophomore in advertising at University of Illinois
Aliaputri Mohd Kamal

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