Summary ending May 3

I’ve been waiting on the data to be crunched so that I can write a summary/interpretation of the charts & graphs that will be presented in the final project. Some of these items are now just coming in, so I will be able to work on the summary over the next few days. In the meantime, I attended the social media presentation (online).

Christopher Wick is a social media consultant who has written a successful book on social media success. He had some good points and is successful for a reason, but overall I thought his presentation was very profit-driven for his company. Additionally, we were told that the slides and a free copy of the book would be provided. I could be missing something, or maybe he has not yet delivered his content, but I’ve checked and can’t find the links anywhere. I even subscribed via his text sign-up request.

What I took away from Wick’s talk:

He stressed relating to your audience or speaking to your audience, without shoving in their face that you are trying to sell (literally or figuratively) them something. The selling could be information, or a product. We should think hard about what we are posting, and why we are posting it. He also emphasized keeping content short, and within attention span (7 seconds). The posts should be highly visual in nature. Wick also said know your audience. What demographic are you targeting? What social media platform is this demographic likely to be on? We may need to change our content based on which platform we are using, in order to better reach the demographic.

As we have done in this class, Wick said be sure to do some analytics regarding your social media posts. Click-throughs, bitly, etc are the common routes of doing this. Repeat what you find to be successful, and drop what is not.

I ended up spending the dollar on the e-book and I can look through it or offer it to anyone who may want to use it for the final report.

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