Tweets for Thursday’s Headlines

@Now! (headlines, breaking news, crime)

  • In case you missed it: Scott Hall was on fire last night. Cause: Still unknown.

@Enjoy! (arts, entertainment, travel, fashion, leisure)

  • Winter weather prediction update: a hint of snow and a whole lot of sunshine

@Active! (fitness, sports, health, nutrition)

  • Illini wrestling will meet its final match this Friday against Minnesota. Who will come out on top?

@Connect! (careers, classes)

  • Even 14 year-old Nicolas Ramkumar can raise $10,000 to buy his school 360 laptops

@Believe! (faith, service)

  • Can’t get your ash at church? Drive-thru it then.
  • Get ash-ed in the comforts of your own car this Ash Wednesday.

@Diverse! (gender, minorities, ethnicities)

  • C-U’s Rape Advocacy center’s possible closure raises questions of how the lack of state budget may have just gone too far.
  • Music video for Mother Nature’s new single “Afro” features the celebration of diversity and self-identity

@Belong! (family, Illini legacy)

  • Intelligent ideas like UI alum’s IntelliWheels can get you places

@Discuss! (politics, issues)

  • A compromise among the state of party – will it make a better America?
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