Belong: U of I grads Marissa Siebel-Siero and Scott Daigle are wheeling up to the top 10 of InnovateHER competition.

Now: Mystery fire rages through trash can.

Entertainment: More than just a laugh… Coen brothers new film digs deep?

Active: From the State Farm Center to Madison Square Garden U of I basketball player Dave Downey reflects on his basketball career.

Active: Illini Basketball dreams of what could have been as Indiana’s Buss creams then on the court.

Discuss: Obama to the rescue: President speaks to divided Springfield.

Now: Pay up: former official sentenced to pay back stolen $100,000.

Active: Illini and Wildcats hash out rivalry on basketball court.

Diverse: Why state rape center is losing its funding.

Connect: Is the end of state schools coming? Illinois state schools look into their future.

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Colleen Romano

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  1. I like that the tweets are conversational and informative (state schools, former official), but maybe some tweets need more details (like the location of the fire)

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