2-11-2016 tweets

  • Now!(headlines, breaking news, crime)

Presidential speech given to save Springfield. What is being saved though?

  • Enjoy!(arts, entertainment, travel, fashion, leisure)

Woodstock fans may be getting a chance to relive the glory days. See what is in store for them.

  • Active!(fitness, sports, health, nutrition)

Preseason NCAA rankings out for Illini baseball. See where the BIG10 Champions fall this season.

  • Connect!(careers, classes)

Startup fair for Engineering majors underway at UIUC. Check out which companies are attending.

  • Believe!(faith, service)

Islamic leader uses sexual orientation to teach balance between religion and sexuality.

  • Diverse!(gender, minorities, ethnicities)

Black History Month plans in full effect for UIS students. See what they have in store.

  • Belong!(family, Illini legacy)

UIUC alum takes honors with revolutionary invention at InnovateHER competition.

  • Discuss!(politics, issues)

Divisive politics becomes an issue Obama found needed to be addressed the other day. See why.

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Ryan Donlan

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6 thoughts on “2-11-2016 tweets”

  1. Your tweets could be more conversational and or more puns could be used. It sounds as if the tweets are simply making announcements. The tweets do a good job of encompassing what’s going on, but doesn’t necessarily focus on what entices the readers.

  2. These are lengthy and factual, but there could be a catchier, shorter way of saying the same things.

  3. Good start, but a tad lengthy for some. Don’t get too stuck in the “see here or see where” statements

  4. I think that you chose catchy information from the articles you read. But, in some tweets you invite people to see or check thing without providing them with links to learn more.

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