Now! (headlines, breaking news, crime)

100 years later, Einstein proves he is still smarter than us all

Illinois’ lack of state budget could mean UIUC students saying goodbye to The Rape Advocacy and Education Services

Should it be a crime to film and post fight videos online? A proposal making its way through the state house is asking just that.

Enjoy! (arts, entertainment, fashion, travel, leisure)

Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool expected to top the Valentine’s Day box office

Active! (fitness, sports, health, nutrition)

This fit family is redefining fitness, see how here

Senior night celebration dampened by defeat for the Illini women’s basketball team

Connect! (careers, classes)


Believe! (faith, service)


Diverse! (gender, minorities, ethnicities)

Women up in arms: an increase in gun violence has inspired women in Central IL to head shooting centers for educational gun courses

Belong! (family, Illini legacy)

University of Illinois researchers part of monumental astronomical discovery

Discuss! (politics, issues)

Obama visits old Springfield stomping grounds to deliver unifying speech


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  1. Great start! I think that some are a bit of cliff hangers, but I love the persona the you have put together for the categories thus far

  2. I think these are really good. I didn’t find them to be overly long. I thought that perhaps 1 or 2 of them could have been slightly more detailed.

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