To do list from March 1 class

Things to know:
– Sign into class bitly account. Log in information is posted on the class Facebook group and on the class website. Always shorten URLs using bitly. This is important for tracking The Nois’ reach.

– Hashtags: When posting on your persona please use the format #EnjoyNois, #NowNois, etc. The persona category should always be listed first

– When using bitly on Facebook, Copy bitly URL into the post and then when you are ready to post, delete the bitly URL text. This will just leave a picture of the story to be clicked on and looks more professional

-Try to use pictures and video as much as possible when tweeting and posting

Tasks to be completed this week:
-Post a detailed report of what you did for your persona before class meets each week. List the actual tweets that you made. A report from the week of February 23 should be posted.
– Brea will provide log in information and instructions for using Buffer to schedule tweets and Facebook posts
 TBD: Distribute flyers. Print outs will be announced. 
– Members of each persona should sign up for times on the provided schedule. Nois will bump up scheduled stories if there is breaking news. Please do not leave an empty slot. If you are unable to make a specific time, discuss with your persona team members.
-Contact the various outlets we listed and ask them to advertise The Nois. Explain the purpose of the class and the page when you are soliciting the outlets. The list is needed so class can sign up and know who they need to contact.
– Blaize will make individual logos for images posted on each persona
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